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  • In the best-of-5 final of the first Chinese Qisheng tournament, Zhou Ruiyang 9-dan managed to hold on, winning game 3 and 4 after losing game 1 and 2 to Tuo Jiaxi 3-dan. This is a brand new tournament, not to be confused with the old Chinese Qisheng tournament held around year 2000. More information is at



The Eternal Life

Basic shape of eternal life. *w4*=*ws*

Introduction to Go Eye (IOS Go app)

Go Eye is a relatively new IOS Go application on the market. But in my opinion it is the best. It contains a number of innovative ideas that help Go players organise the vast amount of Go resources on the internet. SGF viewer and editor Go Eye is first of all a full-fledged SGF viewer and editor. Let's have a look at the following screen capture because "a picture is worth a thousand words".



Practical life and death problem from the Ing Cup final

All serious Go players practice life & death problems. The question is: should we study textbooks or real games. I personally prefer the latter as real games often contain additional factors that influence our decisions on local life & death situations.

The Under the Stones tesuji (2)

The Under the Stones tesuji is quite rare in professional games. There are only few examples.

Professional Game 1

I was initially motivated to write these articles by watching the following youtube video:

The Under the Stones tesuji (1)

Under the Stones (倒脱靴 in Chinese; 石の下 or ishi-no-shita in Japanese) refers to situations in which brilliant moves become possible in space left by your stones just captured. These shapes are mostly seen in (artificially designed) tesuji problems. But in practice it does occur from time to time, even in professional games.

Let's first examine two typical patterns in which Under the Stones tesuji may appear:

Square Four pattern

All you need to know about Carpenter's Square - 34

Diagram 34.1: White to play

All you need to know about Carpenter's Square - 33

Diagram 33.1: White to play

This is yet another 'incomplete' Carpenter's Square.

All you need to know about Carpenter's Square - 32

Diagram 32.1: White to play

Because of the external liberty, a ko would be an acceptable outcome for white.

All you need to know about Carpenter's Square - 31

Diagram 31.1: White to play

This shape is very similar to Shape 30.