Final Games

Having limited time to follow professional Go events? These are the most important games to watch.

Date Tournament Black White Result
[2019-01-22] 43rd Japanese Kisei, title match #2 Iyama Yuta   Yamashita Keigo   W+R
[2019-01-17] 4th Bailing Cup, final 2 Shin Jinseo   Ke Jie   W+R
[2019-01-17] 22nd Japanese Female Kisei, title match #1 Fujisawa Rina   Ueno Asami   W+2.5
[2019-01-15] 4th Bailing Cup, final 1 Ke Jie   Shin Jinseo   B+R
[2019-01-10] 43rd Japanese Kisei, title match #1 Yamashita Keigo   Iyama Yuta   W+R
[2019-01-02] 37th Korean KBS Cup, final 1 Shin Minjun   Park Junghwan   B+R