Go Commentaries

This section contains an archive of Go game commentaries written by Alexander Dinerchtein. Mr Dinerchtein is one of the top western Go players. He has won European championship titles many times, regularly represents Europe to play in international Go tournaments, and he is a professional 3-dan player of the Korean Baduk Association.

He wrote these commentaries between 2002 and 2011, creating one of the largest collections of Go game commentaries in the world. This collcetion contains:

  • 1406 professional games.
  • 615 KGS games mainly played by high-dan players (some are professional).
  • 732 special-topic games covering major European and American amateur tournaments.

Talking about these game commentaries, one of our valued customer Dieter Verhofstadt wrote: I enjoy these commented pro games enormously. It's about the only place on the net where you can get a glimpse of modern pro thinking, commented modern joseki and fuseki, comments which are moreover of Korean kin. The games are commented in great detail and all major aspects of Go playing are covered. The materials are suitable for amateurs from 10-kyu to 5-dan.

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