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How is Go4Go database compiled?  

Welcome to Go4Go.net's Go game collection. As of today (2024-07-24), this collection contains in total 116591 games. They have been viewed by our visitors for 17190406 times since June 2002.

Works on this project started in 1999. This is one of the largest collections of professional game records on the Internet, and it is by far the best in terms of quality. All moves are manually verified by the maintainer (a top-level amateur player) as well as checked by computer programs to ensure they are free of errors. Game information is translated into English in a consistent way and data is often verified against multiple independent sources to ensure accuracy.

Studying professional games is one of the most effective ways to improve Go playing skills. While most games in Go4Go database can be freely viewed online, or downloaded subject to a daily limit, serious Go players may consider subscribing to our Game Delivery Service to obtain the entire Go4Go SGF database for offline studies (e.g. using in Go database software to study joseki/fuseki, or using an AI program to analyse the games).