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'Ancient Go' Steam Greenlight - Developer Here

Hey everyone! I've been posting this on a few Go forums. Checking in here as well.

I am an independent developer, and noticed several months back there was no Go client on Steam so got to work. Since the Google AI announcement, I have been rushing to try and be ready to catch some of the people who discover Go exists due to the media hype around it.

I just launched a Greenlight which contains some video and screenshots. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=631409809

My goal here is not to compete with OGS, KGS, Tygem, but to introduce the game to new players, many of whom have never heard of Go and only purchase games that are on Steam.

Right now there is a basic tutorial, a few planned sections on specific rules and positions (seki/ladders/etc), a simple AI (kyu in the 20's right now), and a server that is only has the groundwork and is not polished. I am leaning toward a 9x9 blitz quick match as the featured game type, with then a more standard advanced section.

I would love to know what thoughts this community might have on what that should entail, features to include or that can be left out, anything to help shape it and draw in beginners!

thakyou for app

thakyou for app

Hm, the game definitely looks

Hm, the game definitely looks promising and I think the idea of introducing the game of Go to the typical Steam gamer is interesting. However, I think the game should have a free base and offer more in-depth tutorials as DLC. With the interactive way to go, there's a really good free, interactive tutorial on the net, so I don't think a lot of people would like to pay 5€ just to have one on Steam.