Alternative to eidogo: Glift (javascript plugin)

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Alternative to eidogo: Glift (javascript plugin)

Just thought people should know, there's a new go player for web pages. You can see further details down below:

Also, it's open source, so if you want to contribute:

Re: Alternative to eidogo: Glift (javascript plugin)

I quite like this new work, in particular its friendliness for mobile devices. I will definitely consider using it on this website as an option for Go4Go users. I hope better documentation will appear later to help other webmasters.

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Re: Alternative to eidogo: Glift (javascript plugin)

(Author here) Let me know if I can be of help =). It's true, that we need to improve the documentation. has a bunch of code snippets that might be of help. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Horrible user interface

I tried to replay the commented games in recent Glift on Go Game Guru on my iPad. First, it looks ugly, second, replaying is punisment with those big buttons so far from the board, third, scrolling the comments is hopeless. So I open the game here on go4go, and read the short initial comments of Go Game Guru to understand the game a bit better. PLEASE, don't go to Glift without some major improvements on it, just now it is a go killer: I get the impression Glift is made for the fun of the programmers, where the users are left out in the cold completely.

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