Best software for creating Go databases

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Best software for creating Go databases

Hi, everyone,

I´d like to know what is the best software for creating databases of the Go game. I have a fairly big collection of games that I would like to put in a database, to make easier searches by different criteria.
Thanks for any help you can give.

Database software

I like Drago, It is not the most modern software. But works good with pattern search.
Smart Go is a good program as well, but is not free.

I use Drago

I use Drago

several programs available


there are at least four programs available. However, the database functionality concentrates on pattern search, probable next moves and joseki/fuseki tutors, but sorting options are available as well.

Two are free, these are Drago/Kombilo and Dariush.
I do use Moyogo (~30 €), which suits me very well.
Mastergo is a bit more expensive, but looks good too.

Finally, there is the Gogod CD, but the website is currently down.

Best wishes, Helli

Best Software for creating Go databases

You might want to also check out Kombilo by Ulrich Görtz. His site for Kombilo is It is written in Python so it is cross-platform. It is the search engine used inside Drago.

Go Database

If you are looking to do pattern matching, a good program is Kombilo, by Ulrich Görtz. It is written in Python, so it is cross platform.


The many faces of Go

I use "The many faces of Go". It's not free though.