A round the world trip !

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A round the world trip !

Hello, dear Go players !

I introduce myself, I'm Nyoshi (http://www.europeangodatabase.eu/EGD/Player_Card.php?&key=14586693) and play go for... hum... 6 or 7 years ! Already (^__^" )
I allow myself to exceptionally request your help. Currently I am in competition to win a round the world trip ! For that, I had to make a 3 min movie about Strasbourg, France and write a blog post about a travel experience, and I chose to tell about my participation to the 1st World Mind Sports Games in Beijing ! To increase my chance to win, I must get a lot of votes, as many as possible !

Here is the link to my entry :

I hope you'll like the movie ! Anyway, I enjoyed making it ! So please, if you have some seconds and want to help me to realize my dream of travelling the world and sharing my passion for go game, vote for me by sharing on the proposed social networks and ask all your friends to do the same (>__< ) Please !

Thank you for reading this message and see you soon on a goban ! (maybe at the Paris Tournament *(-_^ ))