Happy New Year - brand new Go4Go.net

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Happy New Year - brand new Go4Go.net

It looks like that the world has miraculously survived the end of Mayan calendar. So has Go4Go.net, surviving 13 years of rapid change of Internet and still going! However, our old site, based on web technologies around 2005, became increasingly difficult to maintain. So a decision was made to rebuild the site on top of a new content management system, which results this brand new site in front of you. The transition should also lay the solid foundation for further development of Go4Go.net. I've so far managed to migrate the whole Go4Go game database to the new site. I've also moved thousands of user accounts. So you should be able to login to the new system using your existing Go4Go user account. It might take a while to migrate the old forum posts but I intend to save at least all the posts containing technical discussions, if not all of them.

New features

Apart from the new design, we've also introduced a number of new features.

  • The new Go Tournaments index page now contains up-to-date information on professional tournaments and I intend to keep updating it.
  • Improved performance and presentation of our Go Games section, including much improved Tournament View section (with up-to-date tournament info and expanded archive for discontinued events).
  • We restart our effort to add more historical games to our game collection (starting from games from Chinese yearbooks in 1990s).
  • A new Even Calendar (based on feed provided by GoGameGuru) so that you know what to expect in professional go scene.

The last item above demonstrates the flexibility of our new system. There are a lot of new features in the pipeline.

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Go Tournaments section of the

Go Tournaments section of the new site is wonderful! I hope it will be kept up-to-date Smile

Re: Go Tournaments section

Go Tournaments section of the new site is wonderful! I hope it will be kept up-to-date

Hopefully it will, and for a long time. As you can see there is quite a lot information packed in the index page. Quite some effort to get to this state and would be a big pity to give it up.