looking for MOGO.exe

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looking for MOGO.exe


after a hard drive crashed i lost my copy of the gtp game engine MOGO
ouch! sorely missed!

sensei's library gives a link that doesn't work, which,
if you click on enough links you get to a download--of sorts
"only available to download in binary" and the filename is mogor (with no file extension)

am i supposed to compile this? just renaming to mogo.exe surely doesn't work...

anybody have this file and willing to share? specifically, mogo.exe. it was a free d/l, i'm not asking anything illegal or unethical...

pzykr--jerry hill

Re: looking for MOGO.exe

Is this what you are looking for?


Re: looking for MOGO.exe

thanks for responding! the only download i see at your link is the same "mogor" file i already have and don't know what to do with... compile it? with what? C++? anyway, lots of good info on mogo at the link you provided...thanks much!

Re: looking for MOGO.exe

The download page says that the 'mogor' file is a binary, so you don't need to compile it. That said, I don't know if it's supposed to be a Linux binary or a Windows binary or something else.

In either case, what you would want to do is run the command prompt/shell, change directories to where mogor is stored, and then run the program as shown in the examples in the link macelee gave.