Google AlphaGo vs Fan Hui 2p - five games

I really wanted to give AlphaGo an entry in Go4Go player database because it is now strong enough to beat other pro players. But I soon ran into some technical difficulties. AlphaGo doesn't have a rank yet. And I am not sure if it is male or female player Biggrin - but that field is required in my database. So I will for the moment attach the five game records to this article. Game records originally published at

Game One:

Game Two:

Game Three:

Game Four:

Game Five:


Gender: Neutral
Rank: Soon to be infinite

Mostly male built Alphago, so I wouldn't mind. And a professional start-up, that should become 9p after beating Lee Sedol. The dan system is not that meaningful anyway, an Elo-rating would be far more useful, certainly when a computer program becomes super strong.

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Technically, wouldn't Alphago have to play in a pro tournament, not an exhibition match, to be included into the list? (annoying, your wish to have Alphago on the list is impatiently shared here!) Also, since Alphago doesn't have a real pro rank, there isn't any real need to "make one up" for him; I'm sure Inseong and others are definitely a good level pro strength beyond Japanese "1p", if we can scale it that way. Just let AlphaGo stay 7 Dan for now.

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need one say more?

A male made it!!!

I think he will soon beat ke jie

Not sure about then.

Is alphago going to win him with 2 handicap