Go4Go.net upgrade - feature request thread

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Go4Go.net upgrade - feature request thread

One major reason to upgrade Go4Go.net is to rebuild it on top of a more robust and flexible content management framework so that new features can be introduced more easily. What new features would you like to see? Please feel free to send your comments and suggestions.

search function

I notice a number of users using the 'search the site' box on top the pages, trying to find player and tournament information. Currently this does work as they expected. Only articles and forum posts go through the search engine. So unless a player name or tournament name appears in such posts search result will be empty. I will try to improve this situation later but I am working on more interesting features now. For them moment please use the menu items under the Go Database section to find games.

Links to tournament score charts

I like the tournament score charts a lot.
Now, I would like to see the score charts for the 10th Japanese Kisei, but I can't find a link to it, though I suppose it exists.
Maybe each tournament profile page could link to the associated score charts?
Maybe each tournament game could link to it's tournament's score chart?
I'm not sure whether this comment belongs into this thread.

10th Kisei tournament chart

I see now that of the 10th kisei, only the title matches are available. That's what I was most interested in anyway.

komi in sgfview

Could you, please, mention komi on the page with "Online SGF Viewer".

Explanation of my previous post

For some reason, my first post in this thread isn't displayed, the post from 2014-05-18 22:39 was actually my second post. If I recall correctly, I requested a summary page for the Kisei Tournament, and Score Charts for old Kisei Tournaments. I then found out that old Kisei tournaments aren't completely available anyway.
I'm not interested in it anymore, I write again only because I found that my previous post looked stupid for itself.