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What's new at Go4Go.net

Week 1 - 2013

  • New site launched for beta testing.
  • After so many years using a Java-based Go board program (which has some portability issues), finally introduced a second SGF viewer based on Eidogo. This, among other benefits, makes it possible for visitors to use tablet computers to view the games.
I love the new system which

I love the new system which includes the past games between 2 players. I've waited for a long time for that feature.

Alfa, thanks for your

Alfa, thanks for your comments. This new site does not mean just a new design. I am laying the groundwork and prepare to introduce new functions later this year.

Week 2 - 2013

Week 2 - 2013

  • Registered users are now able to monitor their game viewing progress. Select My account then click the Games Viewed tab to see the list of games you recently studied. This function should help those studying a lot of professional games.
  • Managed to recreate "Add comment" function on game record pages so board positions can be discussed right below the Go board. An example:
Week 3 - 2013

Week 3 - 2013

  • Decided to move forum posts and comments manually from the old site. Will take some time to finish but found a way to keep all user information and original post dates which is good. It is fun to review some old Go technical contents.
  • I am working on a new way to present SGF game search result - the list should include thumbnail views of the board position at opening stage to help users decide which game is interesting. This will be for registered users only because of resources generating these (so server resource won't be wasted by robots indexing the site). (EDIT: This is now done as of 2013-01-18!)
  • Created a number of front-page blocks to help visitors locate new contents.
Update on 2013-01-31

Not many visible changes on the site recently. But I have been working hard to reinstate the Go Commentaries section of the site. This should be ready by the end of this week. And I promise something quite interesting :D.

Some small improvements:

  • Improved Go Diagram appearance in pages
  • Updated a few search pages on which games already viewed by a user will be marked. This should help people to track their progress if they study a lot of professional games.
New website is an improvement

New website is an improvement over the old one. Keep up the good work macelee!

Updates as of December 2013

I am reviving this thread to report some exciting new developments at Go4Go:

* The IOS app Go Eye is able to search the Go4Go database now! Currently one can search by player, by tournament, or by year & month. This makes Go Eye closer to be a proper client program for Go4Go.
* I have been working really hard to improve the Go4Go database. There are now 39000+ games and the major milestone of 40000 will be reached shortly after the New Year.
* Unlike some other collections which simple amass SGF files collected, all Go4Go games are properly checked against independent sources, therefore containing very accurate game information. I have also introduced procedures to check the move sequences by multiple computer programs to root out error. This is in addition to the manual checks done already. One happy user reported that "the quality of the database is stunning" and it can be "imported into database program without a glitch". If it isn't obvious what what extra efforts are needed when compiling a database, please see a good example at http://www.lifein19x19.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9398
* Another major project I am working on is to present historical tournament records in score charts. You can already find links to such game charts from many places through out the website. I find this very useful - putting games in the context of tournament charts can help the double-check the game information (incorrect game results or player colours can be found easily). We have nearly 800 such charts already. A new section will be opened to present these systematically.
* There is a new way to search games played between top players. From the menu, click 'Search by Player', then click 'Top Pairs' link at the upper-right corner of the page.

Bui van hieu

New website is an improvement over the old one

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