Igo as the most perfect model of evolutionary strategies.

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Igo as the most perfect model of evolutionary strategies.

Since the most useful, although ignored aspect of go, is to be a simplified model of adaptive evolution, it is correct to consider as winner, tne player who can put more stones on the goban. Moreover the case of a draw should be introduced.

Lots of unclears and unknowns

Most useful aspect of go: in which way, useful for what, and compared to what? Go in essence being a number game reigned by minimax, chances are the most useful part of it is having fun when playing it. And any explanation about a good move should be “because it is better point-wise”.

Because of that essence: why should go be seen as a simplified model of adaptive evolution? What is evolutioning in go, what’s adaptive about it?

The difference between putting stones on the board and controlling the board is not that big, the latter is more universal in my view. And what is the connection to adaptive evolution?

The draw has been there for thousands of years, for practical competition purposes, it being quite a seldom guest anyway, it has been abolished with the introduction of a half point komi. What is the deal about it?