Tournament Profiles

Ing Cup

The Ing Cup (应氏杯世界围棋锦标赛) is a major international tournament sponsor by Ing Chang-Ki family through their charitable vehicle the Ing Chang‐Ki Wei‐Chi Education Foundation. It is held every 4 years coinciding with the Olympics.

Japanese Championship of Tournament Winners

This is a Japanese fast-game tournament introduced in 2014. As its name suggested, only tournament winners of the previous year are invited to play. Plus, one player voted by Go fans joins them. Although completely unrelated, this looks like a good replacement of the discontinued Japanese NEC Cup. The sponsor is IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL, who also supports Ryusei and Female Kisei tournaments.

Limin Cup

The Limin Cup World Top Star Tournament(利民杯)is an international tournament held annually at the Chinese southern city of Hangzhou. The organiser Hangzhou Qiyuan is an official branch of Zhongguo Qiyuan, the Chinese national Go organisation. Hangzhou Qiyuan not only hosts its local League teams, but also the 2nd Chinese national Go squad, consisting of many young Go prodigies. China's vast territory means that it is impractical for all Go players to live and train in the northern capital city of Beijing. So a second base in Hangzhou becomes a good solution.

Japanese Okage Cup

'Okage' roughly translates to 'thank you for your custom'. The sponsoring Japanese company, a producer of traditional Japanese confectionery, was found of using substandard ingredients in their food. This tournament was then created in year 2000 as a public relation exercise to thank customers for their support. The tournament is open to players 30 years old or younger.

Chinese Tianyuan

The Tianyuan tournament (中国围棋天元战) is a traditional Chinese tournament that has been held annually since 1987. Its main sponsor is Xinmin Wanbao, an evening newspaper based in Shanghai. The publisher behind the newspaper also published popular Go magazine Xinmin Weiqi that was unfortunately discontinued in 2002. In recent years, this tournament is often associated with Tongli, a small town and tourist attraction near Shanghai that hosts a lot of Go activities.

Chinese Changqi Cup

Changqi Cup (倡棋杯中国围棋职业锦标赛) is a major Chinese domestic Go tournament sponsored by the Ing family and its Go foundation. The tournament is smartly named: changqi(倡棋) literally means 'promoting Go'; it is also the Chinese pinyin of the given name of Ing Chang-Ki, the millionaire businessman who spent his lifetime promoting Go. Ing Chang-Ki passed away in 1997. In memory of him, his family created this tournament in 2004. Each year, the main tournament often starts on his birthday 23rd of October.

Mlily Cup

Mlily Cup(Mlily梦百合杯世界围棋公开赛)is a Chinese international tournament created in 2013. The sponsor is a Chinese manufacture of mattress and bedding products, with Mlily as its main brand name. As it currently stands, Mlily Cup is run every two years, alternating with the Bailing cup. Mlily also famously sponsored the jubango between Gu Li and Lee Sedol in 2014.

China-Japan Agon Cup

This is a bilateral competition between the Japanese and the Chinese Agon Cup winners. It was first held in 2000, shortly after the completion of the 1st Chinese Agon Cup. Japanese Agon Cup has a longer history.

Golden Dragon City Cup

The Golden Dragon City Cup World Go Team Championship (金龙城杯世界围棋团体赛) is held in Chinese southern city of Guangzhou every two years. This is also known as Zhugang Cup, named after the main sponsor. This is a truly international event as the tournament is designed to accommodate teams from all over the world. Amateur players have plenty of opportunities to compete against the strongest professional players. The organiser also runs other promotional activities, in order to 'spread the oriental wisdom' (the slogan).

Japanese Okan

Okan (王冠戦), literally meaning 'crown', is a small-scale tournament that only opens to players from the Nagoya branch of the Nihon Kiin. Its history can be dated back to 1950.