Professional Go News

  • [2013-07-18] Iyama Yuuta 9-dan successfully defended his Honinbo title, but had to fight hard into the 7th game to beat Takao Shinji 9-dan 4-3. Iyama is still holding 5 out of 7 major Japanese titles.
  • [2013-07-11] Chinese players continued their good forms in the 2nd round of the Mlily Cup. occupying 13 of the final 16 positions.
  • [2013-07-09] Chinese players had a good day in the first round of the 1st Mlily Cup, winning 11-4 against their Korean opponents. In total, 25 Chinese and 6 Korean entered the 2nd round. Yuki Satoshi 9-dan was the only surviving Japanese player.
  • [2013-07-06] Kono Rin 9-dan beat Iyama Yuuta 9-dan in the 38th Japanese Gosei tournament, leading 1-0 in the best-of-5 series.
  • [2013-07-05] Twists and turns in the 38th Japanese Meijin tournament - the clear leader Cho U 9-dan lost his first league game. Should he lose again in the last round to Kono Rin 9-dan (on 1st August), Iyama Yuuta or Hane Naoki would benefit to enter the play-off to become the challenger.
  • [2013-07-04] The 2013 Chinese rank promotion tournament is due to start on 10th July. To demonstrate the popularity of Go in China, 540 young talents will compete in the professional qualification event. Only 25 of them will become professional.
  • [2013-07-04] In the most recent Chines ranking list, the top 10 Chinese players are: Chen Yaoye, Shi Yue, Tuo Jiaxi, Tan Xiao, Zhou Ruiyang, Wang Xi, Gu Li, Fan Tingyu, Peng Liyao, and Xie He.
  • [2013-07-03] The Korean Baduk Association has released it official statistics for the first half of year 2013. Lee Donghoon 2-dan won the most number of games (33 wins and 10 losses). Kim Jiseok 9-dan was the best in term of winning percentage - 80%. Lee Huiseong 9-dan had a winning streak of 17 games between February and April. Na Hyun 3-dan was the busiest player (played 45 games). Based on the official ranking, Lee Sedol 9-dan was the number 1 player for all the months. Park Jungwhan 9-dan, the number 2 player, on the other hand, won more prize money (270 million KRW).
  • [2013-07-02] In the 4th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) Go tournament, Tan Weixing 3-dan of China won the individual champion. The pair-go winner was Peng Liyao 5-dan and Go Xing 1-dan, also representing China. There's also team events which will be held later.