Japanese Tournament

Japanese Okan

Okan (王冠戦), literally meaning 'crown', is a small-scale tournament that only opens to players from the Nagoya branch of the Nihon Kiin. Its history can be dated back to 1950.

Japanese Okage Cup

'Okage' roughly translates to 'thank you for your custom'. The sponsoring Japanese company, a producer of traditional Japanese confectionery, was found of using substandard ingredients in their food. This tournament was then created in year 2000 as a public relation exercise to thank customers for their support. The tournament is open to players 30 years old or younger.

Japanese OVER40 Hayago Tournament

The Japanese OVER40 Hayago Tournament is for senior players that are at least 40 years old. The tournament was first introduced by the Nihon Kiin in 2014.

Japanese Chisato Cup

Chisato (千里) is a Japanese company offering insurance services. This tournament was created in 2014 to celebrate the company's 25th birthday. It is an invitational tournament for young players only. As of late 2015, Nihon Kiin website has marked this tournament as discontinued.

Japanese Championship of Tournament Winners

This is a Japanese fast-game tournament introduced in 2014. As its name suggested, only tournament winners of the previous year are invited to play. Plus, one player voted by Go fans joins them. Although completely unrelated, this looks like a good replacement of the discontinued Japanese NEC Cup. The sponsor is IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL, who also supports Ryusei and Female Kisei tournaments.

Japanese Kisei

The Japanese Kisei (棋聖戦) is the most prestigious tournament of the Japanese professional Go scene in terms of prize money. It was established in 1976 by Yomiuri Shimbun (読売新聞), a leading Japanese newspaper and a major sponsor to Japanese Go. The word 'Kisei' literally means 'Go Sage', a title that has traditionally been reserved for only the best players.

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