Japanese Okan


Okan (王冠戦), literally meaning 'crown', is a small-scale tournament that only opens to players from the Nagoya branch of the Nihon Kiin. Its history can be dated back to 1950.

Tournament Format: 

In its latest form, the main tournament is a knockout event by 12 players, most qualified from preliminary tournaments. The winner goes on to challenge the title holder in a single game.

Prize Money: 
1,700,000 JPY for the winner
Time System: 
For main tournament, 4 hours main time followed by 1-minute 'byoyomi'. Preliminary games have shorter main time of 3 hours.
Ruleset and Komi: 
Japanese rule with 6.5-point komi (was 5.5 before year 2003).
Key Players, Events and Statistics: 
  • Most titles went to a few elite players.
  • Famous players from Nagoya branch include Shimamura Toshihiro and Iwata Tatsuaki, both winning the title many times.
  • Yamashiro Hiroshi notably won the title 15 times.
  • The Hane family (father Yasumasa and son Naoki) has among them 16 titles.
Go4Go Collection Note: 
Go4Go has all title games since term 21(1980). Go4Go also has a small number of preliminary and main tournament games. This tournament is otherwise rarely covered by media.
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