Japanese Championship of Tournament Winners


This is a Japanese fast-game tournament introduced in 2014. As its name suggested, only tournament winners of the previous year are invited to play. Plus, one player voted by Go fans joins them. Although completely unrelated, this looks like a good replacement of the discontinued Japanese NEC Cup. The sponsor is IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL, who also supports Ryusei and Female Kisei tournaments.

Tournament Format: 

Knock-out tournament with single-game final. The first two rounds are played on the Internet. The participants have to hold a title at the end of the previous year, including title-holders from woman-only tournaments, youth-only tournaments (e.g. Hiroshima Aluminum Cup, Nakano Cup), and regional tournaments (e.g. Kansai Kiin First Place, Okan).

Prize Money: 
2,000,000 JPY
Time System: 
Blitz games - 30 seconds per move with each player having 10 opportunities to go beyond that.
Ruleset and Komi: 
Japanese rule with 6.5-point komi.
Key Players, Events and Statistics: 
  • In all terms so far, Iyama Yuta was seeded directly into the semi-final while others had to play one or two extra rounds.
  • Players voted in by fans: term 1 - Sada Atsushi; term 2 - Ida Atsushi; term 3 - Kumamoto Syusei.
Historical Results: 





Game Records



Iyama Yuta

Yamashita Keigo



Iyama Yuta

Takao Shinji



Cho Chikun

Hsu Chiayuan

Go4Go Collection Note: 
Go4Go so far has collected all games played in this tournament.