Will the games between Alphago and Lee Sedol be shown here?

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Will the games between Alphago and Lee Sedol be shown here?

Chances are we are going to witness go history in March. My bet is that Lee Sedol will win the match, but that this will be the starting point of computer domination of go. Not that we will likely be interested in computer-computer games, but just as in chess the computer will add comments to moves, show which ones are possibly bad, maybe come up with undreamt-of moves: wouldn't that be great?

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Curiously, AlphaGo does not

Curiously, AlphaGo does not have a rank or gender. I'm sure the games will be added to a post if not added directly to the archive because of this. I believe AlphaGo isn't added to the player database because of this, but the games are still on the site's main page etc.

The AGA is sure to have a stream on youtube/twitch with many people watching the games live. After hearing many reviews and commentary on the previous games, I am confident that Lee Sedol will win as well. Either way, AlphaGo will only keep getting stronger. I look forward to the future application of computers in learning Go, but I am a much bigger fan of the "human" aspect of the game.