Shinshodan Series

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Shinshodan Series

Are there any places where One could find games of 9p v newly qualified pros?
I heard that in Japan the 1p is given a 5.5 point komi while playing black.
In korea I don't believe this is the case, but Lee changho lost against shin jinseo in an even 1p exhibition match. I Haven't seen any chinese Shinshodan series (exhibition matche series for 1p's) however :/

I'd like to find out where I could find those games because I'm really interested in the level of pros and amateurs of different countries, so please feel free to leave any Information you can on the subject.

I've been wondering about the

I've been wondering about the same thing as well. Is there any shinshodan collection on go4go?

I recall there were pictures of the series posted on Nihon Kiin Facebook, but no link to the game/kifu.