Go4Go Game Record Service vs. GoGoD

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Go4Go Game Record Service vs. GoGoD

Hello macelee,
Once again I am considering subscribing to your Game Delivery Service. However, I am also thinking about buying John Fairbairn's GoGoD SGF collection, which is now available only for download for $15.00. This is very competitive in price to your service at €9.99 per year. My question for you is, do you have any idea how much overlap there is between the two collections? I am guessing that there is not too much but I would like more information on that before I buy.


Re: Go4Go Game Record Service vs. GoGoD

Hi myshlev,

I don't own the latest copy of GoGoD so I cannot say for sure, but there should be significant amount duplicated games. The strength of my service is that you get the latest games very quickly. For big events, game records are often added within 24 hours. You can either view them online or wait for the weekly delivery to study them offline. For GoGoD, you probably have to wait for months. If you are more interested in historical games before 1970's, then you probably find GoGoD suit your need better.

Also I am very proud of the quality of the game records in my collection - I promise it has very few errors as I put in lots of hours to validate the game information. I also manually fixed hundreds of game records that was incorrect from the original sources (e.g. error introduced during typesetting etc.).

Finally, I don't believe my price is any less competitive. GoGoD online's FAQ (as of today) says : "your purchase only includes the latest database. It does not include access to any future updates. New editions can be purchased twice a year, summer and winter." That means you need to pay $30 a year to have the up-to-date database, which is a lot of more expensive.

Size of Go4Go game database

macelee, When subscribing to your game delivery service, we are allowed to download the entire database. How big is the download size of the database? It is zipped, right? I ask because sometimes larger files won't download properly on my iPad.

Re: Size of Go4Go game database

As of December 2015, the entire database containing 51,000+ games is about 38M in size, packed in a zip file.