Game records of Zen and CrazyStone

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Game records of Zen and CrazyStone

Just to show how good the strongest AI players are, here are three games records.

The first one is between Zen and CrazyStone in the final game of the UEC Cup computer Go tournament.

As can be seen the AI players can still make quite simple mistakes - for example after move 228 Zen failed to see that playing B11 can win that capturing race.

The second is a 4-stone handicap game between Zen and Ishida Yoshio 9-dan.

The third is a 4-stone handicap game between CrazyStone and Ishida Yoshio 9-dan.

how strong ?

What's the potential rank for CrazyStone and Zen ? About european 2dan or something ? And what was Ishida Yoshio's feeling about their strength ?

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Super Strong computers

So there are super strong computers now? How strong are they? 1-2 dan? 3-4?

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Some more golden information

Some more golden information about computer vs human can be found on the following page :

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Definitely Stronger

CrazyStone beat a professional who is probably still performing at an average pro level, despite the fact he's past his prime-- in fact, if someone beat a pro on 4 stones, you would never ask weather he/she is 2 Dan, but believe he/she at least EGF 4 Dan. Remember when Zen beat a AGA 5d (around EGF 3 Dan) 3-1? CrazyStone is stronger than Zen. On KGS, Zen is 5d while CrazyStone is 6d, and if KGS grades are 2 stones weaker than EGF ones, then Zen is around 3 Dan and CrazyStone is around 4 Dan.

This makes sense, because that would suggest Ishida 9p is around 8-9 Dan EGF.

I think people can sometimes be reluctant to acknowledge the strength of bots

Now computer can give 3

Now computer can give 3 stones to pros, crazy indeed.