Big-eye killing shape

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Big-eye killing shape

I am going through Japanese Meijin games in 1990's recently and found this very interesting game. How often can you see groups killed by Square Four? How about in a professional game? And how about two of them in the same game? That's exactly what happened in the game below:

Unfortunately I cannot include this game in Go4Go database for the moment because I cannot find the exact playing date. It is definitely played in 2003 and there is official record of this game in Nihon Kiin website without the date. Can you help?

moves 124 to 134 were quite

moves 124 to 134 were quite amazing, will definitely have a closer look at those over the weekend

thanks for bringing up this

thanks for bringing up this game. seems b shouldn't have given w such an impressive wall.

I can't see the diagram T_T

I can't see the diagram T_T


You must be using a tablet not supporting Flash. The SGF is below and you can copy/paste into your favourite SGF software.

EV[19th Japanese Meijin, Preliminary]
PB[Ishida Yoshio]BR[9p]
PW[Kudo Norio]WR[9p]

move 107

Move 107 is amazing, no way I can see it in my games

the second dead square four

please forgive my poor 10 kyu ignorance, but isn't the white square four alive? there is a second eye at Q1 and any attempt to kill that eye fails, at least to my double-digit kyu analysis, against a throw-in at T2... no?


lots and lots of variations... how can one little corner have so many possible different ways to play? i guess that's why i'm still 10 kyu -- my opponents always seem to find one of those OTHER ways to play that i didn't think of Wink