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IGS for Symbian

Hi everyone,

There is now a way for you to enjoy IGS on your Symbian device.

It is called PandaPy http://code.google.com/p/pandapy/ .

No proxy or fuss, minimal bandwidth usage, cool zoomable anti-aliased graphics, watch or play many games simultaneously, hear the moves being spoken by your phone, easy-to-use interface which saves your settings, all designed to make it an enjoyable experience.

If you happen to own a Symbian device with a 'strange' resolution, or if you have any bugs or other features to let me know of, then please create an Issue on the googlecode page.

Also, if you do get PandaPy working on your phone, tell us what you think of it, and what phone you are using.


thank you, it's really

thank you, it's really usefull