Introduction to new IOS Go App: Go Eye

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Introduction to new IOS Go App: Go Eye

A new IOS Go app is released by the HK company E-Intuit at

The app is a full-fledged SGF viewer and editor. It is called "Go Eye" as it can recognize go images and turn it into SGF!

Besides the innovative image recognition, all other features are attractive, e.g., stunning stone/board graphics, the iBook like page curl view mode of Go games, seamlessly download SGF/Zip games from the embedded web browsers, fine PDF go book generation, facebook/twitter/sina sharing, etc.

More details and screen dumps from Go Eye's web site, or the itunes link at

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Sounds really cool. If

Sounds really cool. If possible, try to get it onto android so I can get it.

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first impressions

Good things:
- Works on the 1st generation iPad, yay!
- Managed to import sgf files from huge zip file (go4go collection) from Dropbox

Bad things:
- In some places very slow. One doesn't need powerful processor to sort 35000 entries by year, but on my iPad 1 it takes *seconds*. Is it doing bubble sort?
- Out of go4go collection it imported about 35000 games, without showing any errors. But the collection contains 37000+ games. Where are two thousand games?
- If I'm marking games in the search result as starred or locked, it's very easy to miss the small sign and open the game instead. And when I press 'back' in the game window, it goes back to the list of all games; my search result is lost and I have to search again.

Mac/PC Version

The app looks really good but, I would be more interested if it had a Mac/PC version. It's especially hard to find good SGF editors for iOS or OSX . Does anyone know whether they plan to release a PC/Mac version?

good app for me

good app for me