Special text filters

The Go4Go system includes a number of smart text filters to help convert texts in predefined formats to more meaningful presentations for Go. These are based on BBCode syntax which is widely used in many forum systems.

Display SGF content in Goswf:

Goswf is an SGF viewer in Flash (SWF) format. If you have an SGF game record to display, simple enclose the SGF content within goswf tags and the system will convert it into an interactive Go board. The following code

[goswf] (;C[A life and death problem] AB[ls][lr][mq][nq][np][op][pq][pr]AW[qr][qq][qp][po][oo][no][mp][lp][lq][jq][kr] ;W[or];B[ns];W[ps];B[os];W[nr];B[mr];W[ms];B[os];W[ns];B[oq];W[os]LB[qs:A] C[That's the key move! If 'A', would only get a ko];B[qs];W[ns]) [/goswf]

would be converted to:

Note that Goswf supports SGF files with branches so it is perfectly suitable to display game commentaries (with variations) and Tsumego problems.

Link to Go4Go database:

If you see an interesting game at http://www.go4go.net/go/games/sgfview/12345 and want to refer to the game in your post, specify its ID the following format:
The system will generate a link like pointing to the SGF viewer page for that game.