About Go4Go Credit

What is Go4Go Credit?

Go4Go Credit is a virtual currency that can be used on Go4Go.net. It is designed as an incentive to encourage Go4Go members to actively participate community activities. Go4Go Credit may be spent to access premium contents on this website.

How to earn Go4Go Credit?

  • Each member is automatically awarded 200 Go4Go credits when first logged in to the new system; Existing users please log out and then log in to pick up your credits.
  • Additional credits may be earned by participating community activities, such as posting in Forums, commenting on articles, and discussing on game record pages.
  • Contributions to Go4Go.net (such as reporting system bugs, reporting errors in game records, etc...) are rewarded accordingly.

How to spend Go4Go Virtual Credit?

Go4Go members are able to spend their credits to access premium contents hosted at Go4Go.net.

Currently the only form of premium content is an archive of 2,753 Go game commentaries, written by Alexander Dinerchtein, 3-dan professional. The collection includes 1406 professional games, 615 high-dan KGS games, and 732 games from major European and North American amateur tournaments.

We will in the future introduce other ways to spend your virtual credits. If you have any good idea, please feel free to discuss with us.

Current Rates

  • Earn 5 credits for each post and reply in our Forum.
  • Earn 5 credits for each comment (note that most articles and game record pages can be commented).
  • Spend 10 credits to access each commented professional games.
  • Spend 5 credits to access each commented KGS or special-topic games.

These rates are subject to change without notice but old credits already earned will not expire and will never be devalued.

Note that the system currently only works semi-automatic and an admin user will review transactions before releasing credits. This is to ensure that high quality contributions (for example, technical discussions of Go problems) are awarded as appropriate.