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Games played by Lee Kwanchul
Total: 4; won: 0; winning percentage: 0.0%

  Game Date and Game Description
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  [2013-07-08]  7th Korean GG Auction Cup, game 1
Lee Kwanchul 4p Hyun Mijin 5p W+8.5
  [2007-03-13]  4th Korean King of Kings, round 1
Lee Kwanchul 3p Lee Hyeonwuk 6p W+10.5
  [2004-01-26]  4th Korean Senior Professional, round 3
Lee Kwanchul 3p Kwon Kapyong 7p W+R
  [1993-09-21]  4th Korean BC Card Cup, winner section round 1
Choi Kyubyeong 6p Lee Kwanchul 2p B+R