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Games played by Park Jinsol
Total: 205; won: 105; winning percentage: 51.2%

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  Game Date and Game Description
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  [2011-10-12]  7th Korean Siptan, round 1
Park Jinsol 5p Kim Daeyoung 4p B+4.5
  [2011-09-29]  16th Korean Chunwon, round 2
Park Jinsol 5p Lee Jihyun (m) 2p W+R
  [2011-09-26]  30th Korean KBS Cup, loser section round 1
Park Jinsol 5p Kim Sedong 3p W+R
  [2011-09-21]  Year 2011 Korean League
Park Jinsol 5p Yun Junsang 8p W+R
  [2011-07-18]  16th Korean Chunwon, round 1
Park Seungcheol 7p Park Jinsol 5p W+R
  [2011-06-26]  Year 2011 Korean League
Han Wonggyu 3p Park Jinsol 5p B+0.5
  [2011-06-12]  Year 2011 Korean League
Lee Yeongkyu 8p Park Jinsol 5p W+R
  [2011-05-23]  30th Korean KBS Cup, winner section round 1
Yun Junsang 8p Park Jinsol 4p W+R
  [2011-01-29]  3rd BC Card Cup, round 1
Kim Jiseok 7p Park Jinsol 4p B+R
  [2010-09-10]  15th Samsung Cup, round 3
Park Jinsol 4p Zhou Ruiyang 5p W+R
  [2010-09-09]  15th Samsung Cup, round 2
Seo Nungwuk 9p Park Jinsol 4p W+R
  [2010-09-08]  15th Samsung Cup, round 1
Park Junghwan 8p Park Jinsol 4p B+R
  [2010-07-28]  54th Korean Kuksu, round 1
Park Jinsol 4p An Hyungjoon 2p W+R
  [2005-05-31]  2nd Korean King of Kings, round 2
Park Jinsol 2p Kim Juho 6p W+R
  [2005-04-10]  2nd Korean King of Kings, round 1
Park Jinsol 3p No Yeongha 9p B+11.5
  [2004-08-30]  6th Nongshim Cup, Korean preliminary
Park Jinsol 2p Yoo Changhyuk 9p W+R
  [2004-08-03]  9th Samsung Cup, preliminary
Mok Jinseok 8p Park Jinsol 2p B+R
  [2003-04-08]  3rd Korean KAT Cup
Lee Sanghun (b) 7p Park Jinsol 1p W+4.5
  [2003-01-11]  1st Korean Brain Trophy Cup, game 9
Park Jinsol 1p Lee Changho 9p W+R
  [2002-12-03]  2nd Korean KAT Cup
Jeong Daesang 8p Park Jinsol 1p W+R
  [2002-10-05]  Year 2002 Asian New Stars Match, round 3
Rin Kanketsu 4p Park Jinsol 1p B+R
  [2002-10-03]  Year 2002 Asian New Stars Match, round 2
Hu Yaoyu 7p Park Jinsol 1p W+2.5
  [2002-10-02]  Year 2002 Asian New Stars Match, round 1
Weon Seongjin 4p Park Jinsol 1p B+4.5
  [2002-08-28]  7th Samsung Cup, round 1
Zhang Wendong 9p Park Jinsol 1p B+R
  [2002-07-29]  7th Samsung Cup, preliminary
Park Jinsol 1p Imamura Toshiya 9p B+9.5
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